Visual Literacy – Opportunities and Challenges
This session will explain various aspects of visual literacy (and cultural literacy), underscoring the importance of knowing the perspectives of both the creator and observers of an image, an object, or a place.

Demystifying Digital Cameras
This workshop is designed for participants who want more creative control over their digital cameras, and who want to create persuasive stories and presentations with images. Through hands-on instruction and demonstrations, participants will gain experience with producing better images, editing and sequencing digital photographs and preparing images for posting on Web spaces.

Creating a Vision
Developing your own unique vision for photo or video work is the starting point in a digital media production. Whether a field researcher or traveler, we all have a story to tell that can be enhanced and clarified with digital imagery.

Presentation Skills
This workshop will highlight several types of presentations, discuss their requirements regarding image creation, and review a range of software packages that can assist in achieving your goals.

The Finer Points: Interviewing, Geo-tagging, and Post-production
Getting down to the specifics, this session will take the participants through the preparation for interviewing individuals and/or groups. Employing the storyboard approach, the trainers will help prepare participants for fieldwork.

Field Research I – Methodology & Visual Evidence
This session is a primer on some basic principles of field research in both a general sense and in preparation for production work.

Field Research II – Production
The purpose of this session is for participants to get practice in photo and video production with the goal of developing a specific visual project.


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