Learning from Cuba

Learning from Cuba is a pilot exchange program between Cuba and Vermont that uses dynamic media to share examples of successful activities in the arts, culture and preservation; organic farming and sustainable agriculture; education; health care delivery; and energy conservation and the environment.

This pilot exchange would focus on mutual learning, including exchanging ideas, techniques and stories in digital media production, and the preparation of materials useful to artists and community arts organizations in both locations. The Visual Literacy Collaborative was founded, in part, on the belief that visual communication is a proven vehicle to document, advance, and assess the success of development projects. This is particularly true when local people in recipient nations and cultures produce media themselves and, in effect, tell their own stories. By engaging local individuals and organizations in digital image and video production this project will provide them with the tools to identify and explain more clearly their needs to governments, international institutions and trade and funding sources. VLC believes that digital imagery can become an effective instrument of change, placing local people at the center of consideration of their needs.


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